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Joined Aug 5, 2017
and i dont use the heated seats in my scat often
but the few times i did
i damn near fell asleep while driving
bruh i will miss my heated seats man, loved em.

also love turning it on for passengers in adverse weather to mess with them lol
Cooled seats that great? Is it just the bottom or your back too?
booty and back the best
Joined Aug 5, 2017
yeah after i wash the whip i use a blower to whisk away all the water and then lightly use a couple microfibers to take away the rest of water.

it just might look weird o ur neighbors seeing u blowdry ur car lol
Joined Sep 24, 2015
been watching mad car detailing videos lately, but i need to stock up on supplies cause i don't really have much

i even went out and bought a small pressure washer just to do that #QuarantineImpulseBuy

Nice buy. I just picked up a Portland electric pressure washer from Harbor Freight. And before you say their stuff is crap (some of their stuff is, some is nice), there are tons of YT videos of people using this one for washing their patio/deck and car. I used it for both and it's terrific. Best of all, with a coupon, $79.99. I bought a Ryobi wand to get quick connect nozzles and a foam cannon. I'm all set.
Joined May 1, 2003
I really wanted to get te37s for my 911 but they needed to be custom ordered and I wasn’t willing to pay that much.
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