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The amount of pic to post content is not to my liking.
I'll contribute

Tires ain't for show but the exhaust is. Cutouts to the headers ftw
I've been neglecting this car tbh but I'm going to be showing it major love soon. Trying to source out an 9 inch
You ever run it at the strip?
Joined Aug 5, 2017
Why not the SS?
too expensive for what u get
I see them ALL the time for 10-15k( 15 for a low mile ones)
I thought you wanted a c5?
nah saw it in real life again and it was ugly no offense
Twice the price. I don’t see why they’re still 30k plus. I like the car but I’d probably go with a g8 as well if I was in the market for that kind of car
basically this

for now ima chill not looking to get into anything quickly. not in a rush
Joined Jan 29, 2019
You ever run it at the strip?
Never been to the strip. I plan to go after I get a 9' rear end installed to see what It can do. It spins the tires up to 3rd with the 345's that are on it. I know similar setups are running low 11s high 10s all motor with the right gearing.
Joined Aug 5, 2017
I have the rear gutted with alot tubular suspension.
Made 470 @ the wheels with stock rear end (3.42s) conservatively on pump gas. With some thicker headers an actual air intake with some e85 should be over 500 to the wheels on a "high mileage" stock shortblock 5.7 ls1.
sounds like a party
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