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You’ll be aight. If he got the hit but didn’t pull away with it he probably isnt much faster
True but I was getting worked all night, all the fast cars was out tonight it seem. I legit ended the night 0-4 lmaoo. Least they all gave me thumbs up or peace sign as we part ways ...... but what I read those as “Like good try keeping up “ :lol::lol:.
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Finally got humble tonight 🥺. Ran into a random tuned 5.0 granted he started doing a pull slightly before me but “chase is a race” think we did a pull at 30mph and I couldn’t do anything with him but I stayed within a car length. If I had to guess he was pushing about 450whp.
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For cities it might become like the whole electric scooter situation where u dont own a car u just pay per mile u drive then park it. I feel that might be the future
a little off topic, but i'm in the micro mobility industry. the company i'm with is looking to expand as much as possible in the next year or two. some of our most profitable cities have been smaller ones that i never would have guessed would generate this type of revenue. it definitely is the future in my opinion. if anyone is interested in a revenue share type of opportunity, pm me.
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more on topic:

i bought my amg gts and 2 days later my wife finds out she's pregnant and tells me. i was like of course i would buy a 2 seater at the worst possible time. initially i was set on just selling it and taking the L, but then i said screw this. put just over $10k into a tune, new wheels and tires, lowering, and a bunch of carbon fiber parts. cf and wheels should be here within the next week. going to just get everything installed at once and possibly wrap it too. the gray looks great in certain lighting, but under direct sunlight it has a green undertone which i absolutely hate.
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