Post Your favorite Food combinations Vol. Frosty with Fries >

Joined Mar 27, 2008
When im at Taco Bell i put nacho cheese on everything, also have to have baja blast.
Joined Apr 22, 2008
PBJ&T - peanut butter grape jelly sandwich with tabasco. Randomly did it one day and it works well, now i can't have one without tabasco
Joined Jan 23, 2006
Pizza + Hot sauce or Garlic sauce
Pizza rolls + Ranch dressing

Oreos + Peanut Butter

Nuggets/Chicken tenders + Honey mustard


Joined Jul 6, 2006
Billy Hoyle, you serious about it being odd? That's a classic combination

- Chicken Tenders/French Fries + Ranch dressing/Honey Mustard/Creamy Italian dressing
- Peanut Butter + Banana Sandwich

Those are known, but the next one is so underrated.

- Plain bagel w/ Cream-cheese + Doritos
Joined Aug 31, 2009
i have a lot of random food combinations,
but these are the ones i think of right now....

-hot chocolate + chocolate wafer sticks (or whatever you call them)
-frosty + mcds fries
-croissant + mac n cheese (you split the croissant, and fill it in)
-turkey sandwich + lays original
-toasted sliced bread + butter + brown sugar

ill post some more tmrw....
Joined Apr 14, 2007
op knows whats up,never had fries and a frosty but i dip my fries in my shake all the time

bagel w/ cream cheese and bacon
pizza w/ ranch or blue cheese
mayo and ketchup dipping sauce for nuggets
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