Post your firearms Vol.Always Strapped

Oct 22, 2007
I wanna see ya'll firearms from hunting rifles to your 9mm.
I been thinking bout getting one since our neighbors got robbed and he hit a robber with one of those metal baseball bats.
So.....let me see ya'll firearms.
You should get one if you can not get housing alarms. but i can't have one since i'm 16
I got an M44 Mosin-Nagant like this:


I keep it loaded, under the front end of my mattress..

Last year's pick up:


Finna cop another one and a glock in July
^^ I bet that 1st dude didnt hit %+%% ..

wait I just seen the second dude .. he did even worst ...

None shooters .. LMAO
^^He actually was hittin' the little kid instead of the Ron Jeremy lookin' dood on his target haha. I had a Bin Laden target, I only missed 3 shots outof 50, and 2 of those shots were right there when I was messin' around with the rapid shots.

My cousin had the second one haha

This is the one I had...I lit his entire body up
What's the cheapest gun I can get? I have no protection in my house, hell I don't even have a baseball bat, or a good knife. I live in OKlahoma btw,supposed to be one of the easiest states to get one, both legally and illegally.
^ Just cop a cheap walmart pump till you get ready to cop some better *$$*. My mossberg ran like 170, tax included
is it a real gun or a bb gun? Do they let you just walk in and buy them? I used to have a Daisy BB/pellet gun from Wal Mart, but my dad stole it from me tokill rabbits and frogs years ago.
In PA [Pittsburgh particularly] you just need to be 21 and get a small background check. To carry legally, you need your license to carry [duh].
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