Post your gaming gear and swag

Joined Jan 19, 2008
I've developed a bit of a hobby for collecting gaming swag and memorabilia. I wonder if you have similar interest. Post some of your pieces here please.Anything from your game collection to rare posters; or anything really. Here are a few examples of my stuff. As soon as I can, I'll catalog everything andpost it here.
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Didn't have the patience to take pics.

I have an 80gb PS3, CoD: WaW, Rock Band complete set, Spiderman 3, MotorStorm, And some weird game called Full Auto 2: Battlelines along with 2 sixaxiscontrollers
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I should take pics of my junk when I get home....

I have stuff from all the E3's over the past decade (E3 09 coming up in a week
) I have a ton of crap from square-enix, activision, infinity ward, capcom...

^^^ I have this but mine is signed by Yoshinori Ono along with gift bags from the SF 20th anniversary event.

I've got a big devil may cry display of Dante from DMC 1. Tons of misc posters etc. etc.
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He means "swag" as in stuff.. not swag like swagger. It's actually refreshing seeing someone use it this way..
Joined Jan 19, 2008
Originally Posted by JDocs

He means "swag" as in stuff.. not swag like swagger. It's actually refreshing seeing someone use it this way..
lol, yeah, I mean swag as in know, booty.
Joined Mar 8, 2001
that GTA box is dope

I have that Vault Tec bobblehead. Had to get the LE lunchbox because they were taking all day at wal-mart with the regular ones when I copped.
Joined Jan 19, 2008
That Chinatown Wars container is not the game box. It's a marketing tool given to Gamestop managers exclusively. It came packed with fortune cookies and aletter. Unfortunantly, mine only has one cookie left. Here are some more pics:
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