Post your Half Cabs

Feb 13, 2007
like the title says
Im thinking of copping a pair but i'd like to see more pics of them
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mine are suede

real talk__________________________________ Sell me white and 3m tounge v's and flips. PM me if you got em
very nice cris..i like the black ones, the second ones you posted
Kenneth...stop looking at all of my posts and making fun of me at school
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cris you shut it down
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where do you guys buy those half cabs? all i see on the vans website are the baby blue, navy, and black pairs.
I don't have any half cabs but I really want some!!! Anyone who can help me out please PM me ASAP.....I am PayPal ready!!!

I am interested in these Half Cabs:
1. Active Exclusives
2. All Syndicates

Must be DS and a size 11.5!!! Please help me out!!!

!!!!! FS: DS Air Jordan I's "New Loves" sz 12, DS Air Jordan XIV's sz 12, VNDS Air Jordan V '99 retro sz 11.5, Brand New California Angels fitted sz 7 5/8 !!!!!
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