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Joined Sep 30, 2006
Anybody help a brotha locate a 7 1/2 for me

Copped my pop a 5/8 about a year ago, need to get myself one, i messed up when they were out and didnt cop not 1 :smh:

Joined Sep 28, 2004
Some cheaper than average pick ups. Double or triple downing on these guys.
1988 Cleveland Indians grey under on field. Musa wool (this one has a glued on batterman).
1994-1995 era Atlanta braves grey under on field. Musa wool.
2006 era Cleveland Indians grey under on field. Musa wool. This came with an autograph. Can anyone make it out? It’s about to get erased.
2005 era New York Yankees grey under on field. Musa wool


This era sort of came in a low crown fashion from the jump. Great fit

Great fuzz. I’m really only missing the 1986 era where the crown was nylon. Then I could really call it quits.

Interesting look between the eras of navy

05 Yankees/braves 95/Indians 88/ Indians 06
The 1980s to early 90s dark navy had a real nice blue hue to their dark navy caps. By 1995ish, the navy turned nearly black.


Joined Oct 24, 2010
Where can I get the FOG fitted for retail? The $65 one? Randomly saw it on twitter and sold out everywhere

Joined Sep 28, 2004
I need to up my Resell game. Those kid cudi fitteds are going for $130. I can buy 8 vintage new eras with ten times the quality of that Chinese crap. Yet the vintage stuff doesn't sell.

Consumers are stupid as hell. Even the $45 retail felt forced. What am I missing?
Joined Jul 27, 2012
I’ve slowed up in the last month or so, but got these in recently. og Expos On Field Size 8. A little big on me, but it’s hard to find these in decent shape and they usually sell quick when on eBay so I jumped on it quick.

Got an og Indians Chief Wahoo hat as well. Was able to sell my 1997 World Series patch wahoo cap I got from cap city years ago for the same price as this one so that was a plus. Now if I can only find a road og wahoo to go with this one.

Joined Sep 28, 2004
Nice expos. That's the one team I don't have a legit on field of. I slept on that one apparently. I do have a HC custom of that same cap, so it's sort of close.

The road Indians on fields are super hard to find. I saw one go for $80 recently. It's a 1995 era though. And then another 2001 went for $150. The 2000 era on fields are nearly impossible to find.

Finally found a 2019 two tone block C Indians on field for cheap

Sadly it's made in China with some greasy non fuzz poly material. When people mention greasy poly, look above and compare with what we used to get below.


Just to compare with a 2015 era made in USA cap. The greasy poly is the new norm. And in funnier news, I bought the lower end of my size and it fits big. So it's nice to know sizing is all jacked up too. Glad I picked it up for below retail. This caps a joke at $40.

I asked around and couldn't find a definitive answer about these coming made in the USA. I saw some stock said made in Haiti, while other non patched caps were also made in China. I caved. I didn't want to look much longer for musa
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