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Joined May 24, 2006
Speaking of hat duffles, anyone have this Boxy Concept from Amazon and the Hat Club duffle? Any difference in quality? I'm in need to get another one. Thanks in advance!
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Joined Feb 14, 2009
Going to San Antonio from México in a couple weeks, any recommendatiosn on stores to buy fitteds?

A couple weeks ago I got the bug in LA and bought a couple of side patches fitteds and pins... Almost impossible to get over here...
Joined Sep 28, 2004
It’s been a $$$ saving month so far. The well is running dry.

past few weeks of pickups was another duplicate hoard pickup

both are marked irregular 05. 2001-2003 on field Chicago white sox grey unders. MUSA wool. Only the cap on the left seems to have some odd creasing and crown shape issues. Does anyone know how common irregulars were/are?

This week of wears has been mostly retro Bangladesh ‘on fields (not pictured) and then this bad boy.

it’s the retro classic release from a few years back. MUSA with imported wool. Flat logo. Flat batterman. Grey under. Pretty much perfect.
Joined Jul 31, 2012
Best way to clean a hat? Went to a halloween event last night that was on dirt and walking around through clouds of dirt that was kicking up in the air stuck to my hat. I dusted it but you can still see spots of dirt.
Joined Sep 28, 2004
Question. Are the front crown patches sewn into the entire buckram( the white material that stiffens the crown)? I know the front logos aren’t on new eras but some brands do that.
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