Mar 7, 2007
Justin Taylor is an NT alum and im sure there are many other aspiring designers on NT. Lets see what you have. They dont have to be super detailed with millions of angles if you only have one little steck in the margin of your notebook post it. I just think this is a cool way to share ideas and my give some insight to the future of the shoe game. Today's doddlers could be tomorrow's Tinkers. I hope B1LLY HOYLE sees this thread i know he works with the upcoming artists section for Sole Collector. Ill start with do if worked on recently but i've been thinking about for a while.

This is a running shoe that combines free and zoom technology. I wanted the zoom to match the responsiveness and flex of the the free so i designed 3 zoom pads to be built into a special sock. The insole has areas where these pads fit so the sock doesn't slide in the shoe. i used a thin upper to keep the shoe light and a long touge and lacing system to keep the whole shoe tightly fit so the zoom sock is effective.

This is the max free web. Using a huarache-eske mesh sockliner and a flexable web outer system to provide support. Also a running shoe the forefoot had the great flex found in nike freen while the max air unit in the back cushions the heel during footstrike.
Rkurly14 did you design those?
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