post your STICKER BOMBED Things vol. NO BUY/SEL/TRADE!!!!

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Originally Posted by tommycap06

Thanks again to the Warfare Collective!
where can i get htat raygun sticker?!

laptop looks sick though

lemme know if anyone is trying to get rid of any stickers i got cash
Joined Mar 5, 2011
So i've never done this before... any ideas on how i should start? i want to keep the beats logo visible so i was thinking putting the big clear adam bomb over it...
Joined Jul 8, 2011
Too grown to be putting thing on my mac's...

not gonna ruin a 1.8k laptop with a 2$ sticker of a brand i don't even own...
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:lol: at it bring 2014 and cars still sticker bombing expensive items..bringing down the value of it

To eaches own though. Everyone has a hobby I guess
Joined May 20, 2013
Honestly I get them from anywhere. Just depends what ur into. All my tribal stickers come from a mom and pops shop that sells lowrider t-shirts. My graffiti stickers come from the places I ordered my graff supplies. Graffiti shops always have a sticker selection. My OGABEL ones come from his website. Hope this helps.
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