Post your traffic fines

Joined Mar 15, 2007
Charged with:

Doing 53 in a 35 mph speed zone.

Doing 84 in a 65 mph speed zone.

Doing 90 in a 65 mph speed zone.

Not all were successful convictions though.
Joined Oct 1, 2011
10k heartbreaking I know in 3 to 4 years timespan sometimes having no liscense is a good thing do not even ask.


Joined Sep 14, 2009
Around 350$ in total from what i remember
1 ticket, 2 violations, car towed.

My only ticket though..... So far.


Joined Feb 15, 2004
Never gotten any, but I got pulled over only once and he tried to get me with a DUI but I was close but no cigar. 
Joined Aug 4, 2011
Totaled my car in a residential area, going 65 in a 35. Fined $400.00 bones
82 in a 65 (anything after 80 doubles in Santa Barbara) $450.00 bones
65 in a 45 - $250.00 bones
Cell phone $130.00 bones

I've resorted to public transportation since I have 2 points on my record and my heart can't take anymore fines.
Joined Jul 13, 2007
Got my first one last month for not stopping a full 3 secs at a stop sign. (I stopped for 1 sec, cop was chilling in the parking lot, and no cars were coming). -$75
Got the 2nd one a week later for pulling through a parking spot at my apartment so the cop had to get out of his car to see if I had a decal. -$50

Both were on campus
Joined Sep 17, 2005
$110 ticket for not having a "Right Hand Drive" sticker on my rear bumper. 
 (Fought it though. and won.)
$55 for doing 93Km/h in a 60Km/h. Cop lowered the fine to 15Km/h over and no demerit points. 

Also been stopped multiple times and cops try to find stuff to give me tickets for but always give up (loud exhaust, too low, tires rubbing, etc) 
Joined May 25, 2004
20+ parking tickets
no seatbelt (just left the lot)
a few speeding
no headlights
no signal
running stop signs


Joined Jan 3, 2011
Was saving up for insurance....

Got pulled over when it had expired 2 weeks prior

Forgot to pay registration cause it was at same time as insurance
-noot sure how much

That same day of above vioolations reason why I got pulled over for a no turn on red. Not sure if its legit but Im gonna go back to check it out maybe I can contest it
-They say $240

Got the ticket summary by mail with a grand total of $1338.00

Im just wondering how much time in community service. First time being pulled over and fined too. It hurt my soul seeing that amount. smh
Joined Feb 17, 2009
70 in a 55 - $250 

Too many people in the car - $115 

39 in 30 ?? $105 

48 in a 30 - $200

Need change of address on license (which I don't) $120.. Going to court for this one. 
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