Posters closer to the age of 30....are you happy with your life right now?

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29, I have am happy. Things can always be better, but I am doing things the way I want to and have great family and friends around me. So I am blessed
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I'm 30 and I'm happy with my life right now, got a good girl, financially stable, made an attempt at everything i've ever wanted to do so I won't ever be in the situation later where i look back and think to myself "what if i had tried _____" I've surrounded myself with great friends and cut out the negative ones, (even though i'll always be around if they ever need me, they know if they call me up i'll be there to help). Only thing I would have done differently when i was younger was travel more, i just started traveling more often, when i was younger i'd take maybe 1 or 2 trips a year. now i'm taking off around 10 times a year. i try to get away every month if i can.


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I have a girl that loves me

I enjoy practicing law

My family is happy and healthy
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30 Have a house, a wonderful wife wonderful daughter. All I can say I wish I wouldnt have gotten into so much trouble.


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About to start the first year of my PhD (4 year program)
wish I didn't take any years off between my B.A. and my M.A.
Just broke up with my girl b/c I'll be in CA and she'll be in WA...pretty sad, but my friends say I'll soon forget about her
Cannot really make, or save, money when in least in my experience - but I'm pretty sure I'll be straight when I graduate
This is probably the "best" my life has been b/c of school and the doors it has opened (made a lot of contacts, enjoyed being a college instructor, etc...)
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I'm 21 but I'd just like to thank all of the older members

I've learnt and continue to learn from most of you guys.

Respect to the OP for making this thread.
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Originally Posted by sherwin100s

I'm 21 but I'd just like to thank all of the older members

I've learnt and continue to learn from most of you guys.

Respect to the OP for making this thread.
go to sleep young man, it's past your bedtime

just kidding

Gill Baka Esq. LLC.

formerly grimlock
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I just turned 26 this past June.

Graduated college with good grades
Got a good GRE score
i'm on my way to S.F. with my cousins for a week
i'm not materialistic
I have a great family/support system
Hopefully starting graduate school next fall

But like ninja said...there is something more that I need in my life...I find that while it's all good in my own mind...I find myself too lazy. I push things off way too much and it's something I really need to take control of right now. I have no absolute need for a girlfriend right now...I do want to move out and be on my own...but grad school in my field is no joke and while I would like my freedom...I would rather stick it with the fam until I get out of graduate school just not to bury myself in debt. I need to accomplish alot of things in this year off that I took because I felt I was too burnt out from school...which I now realize I wasn't...but the year off can do me some good...I just need to take the right steps.

No matter how many motivational quotes, or insightful blogs or books you's not enough until you take the first step. I got alot to be thankful for, I just need to stop $$!**%* around and get my head in the game.

And as per OP's original question...I actually enjoyed my youth more than right now.
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Originally Posted by Dmvbatman

Originally Posted by undefinedinc

I am definitely happier with my life right now compared to when I was 18-24..At that age I was a knuckle head with no path in life, I dropped out of college and I worked 2 dead end jobs at 21. Thank god that happened because working those jobs and seeing my coworkers in their 40s and 50s struggling making just a little more than me made me realize I need to get back into school..So I'm currently on the path to graduating college next year..As far as financially I am not struggling, but I do have loans I will have to repay as well as other debt, the women department is super lacking, but that's partly to me just not wanting to go out and focusing on school..I have lost TONS of friends who don't understand that I can't go to every party, I have to study so they don't hit me up like they use to..But I know sacrifices were bound to happen..Work now, play later is my motto..

I'm 27 by the way
good luck on your journey man.....those friends will try to come back around when they see you successful with your degree.
Appreciate it fam, good luck to you as well
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Can't complain. I'm healthy, have good people around me, and am financially secure. More importantly, I have a clarity on what I want to become moving forward that I struggled to find earlier on.
In the next couple months I'll be moving back to L.A. to pursue the goal of actually becoming a screenwriter.

All in all, wouldn't want it any other way.
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30 turning 31 this year.

No Girls. They are a distraction right now. I would stop for the right one though.


Great job that allows me to go to school.

I still got time.
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I'm 29 and mostly happy. Happier than I was in my early 20's. My outlook is much different now. I've started to feel the pressure of time. I'm getting older and I can't keep putting things off -- career, women, fun, etc. At the same time, I'm still young enough where I can do whatever I want in life. So I'm under a lot more pressure but I'm more in control of things.

I feel like a lot of things are unfulfilled right now -- still in school but getting close to finishing... single but I feel like I know who I want to marry (this situation is both good and bad)... probably near my peak physically (I can get better but it gets harder to improve with age).

"there is something more that I need in my life...I find that while it's all good in my own mind...I find myself too lazy. I push things off way too much and it's something I really need to take control of right now."

GrimlocK, that's pretty much exactly how I felt at your age. Part of what I needed and still need is a girl/family/etc. Part of it too is to accomplish something in my career. Growing up I always assumed that things would come to me, but that's not how the world works, and I've been trying to get better at securing those things that I need and want.


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32 here.
Life is good, although I sometimes dwell on the negative stuff (who doesn't though) more than I should.  My family is awesome--I've got a great wife, stepdaughter and stepson.  My little baby Lily just turned 12 weeks old yesterday and she's a healthy and happy baby.  

Financially, there's always room for improvement in life, but I really have no reason to complain.  Can I go out and buy anything I want?  Not even close.  But we eat well, are clothed, have a roof over our heads and dwell in an oh-so-cool air-conditioned house in this god awful hot summer.  

On the job front, I'm not a huge fan of my job and feel somewhat stuck.  Not sure what the next move is--go back to school and shell out thousands of $'s or switch it up completely and get into the medical field where you don't necessarily have to have a 4-yr degree to make fairly good $ and have better working hours than the awful 8a-5p, 5 days a week I work now.  On the bright side of things, I've learned what I DON'T want, and that's being chained to my desk and computer (with no internet/NT) for 40 hours a week.  

All-in-all though?  Life is good.  I feel like I've come along way since graduating from college.  I'm not quite where I want to be, but I'm on the path and I know I'll make it there eventually.   
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im turning 28 later this year,

although i'm not fully happy with myself yet, at least ive managed to turn my life around in a year's time. almost 2 years ago, i went to to a small IT school and got my first cert which landed me my current job. i've been working for that company as an entry position. all i gotta do is work my way up. if i can do it all over again, i wouldve finished up college already. sometimes, i feel that part of my life is incomplete because at my age, i SHOULD be financially set. i kinda get jelly when i see my younger sis (she has a masters and working on her CPA) getting things accomplished. the same goes to all my younger cousins who still in college and are almost done. during my ages of 18-24, i didnt care. i was *!%$$@!!%!#* around, working BS jobs, making wrong decisions and now im kinda regretting not taking advantage then. i already know i gotta step my life game up, so this year i plan to get one more cert before the years over and finally finish my associates in 2012. i dont have a gf or kids so at least i dont have any distractions. all i gotta do is stay positive. when i turn 30 i wanna be there or close to getting there.

Kudos to my NTers that are doin it
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I'm happy as far as where I am, but not too thrilled about where I should be. It's not regrets, but it is reflecting on some impulsive decisions I made years ago that threw me WAAAY off track.

Basically, I didn't put myself in the best environments I could to help me succeed... but I'm currently turning that negative into a positive.

I'm 28, work at a Pac-10 school, worked my way from a $8 student job to a full-time position w/ some of the best co-workers I could ask for.

So yeah I am completely happy where I'm at....... but I do wish I would've seen the obvious signs that were right in front of me
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Originally Posted by Dmvbatman

then you were when you were younger, say 18-24......

or are you struggling financially, or in the women department, making or keeping friends, etc

and by closer to 30 i mean those that are 27 and up.

what are some things you would have done different when you were younger?
I'm a happy camper.   We ALL can say we wish we coulda done this or that differently, but that's just a part of life and the learning process. 

Money? I make decent money now and can afford a nice place, all the basics I need and then some.  But eh Im still paying for some of my foolishness of my younger days

Women?  Ive loved what Ive done/boned/dated etc.   Had all kinds, and that and Im proud of my track record
  Now dating a little sugar momma nurse who spoils me like whoa (ipad 2, apple tv2, PS3, games, trips etc)   Def keeper material, but we'll see how it goes.  

Making and keeping friends?  Yea Im cool in that dept as well.  Lotsa friends and family.   I make new friends/aqquaintances easily and am generally well liked.  I also dont NEED to be around people so Im good that way as well. 

Only thing I can say I wish I did differently was manage my finances better.....and maybe was better in college 
  I'll take everything else that didnt go as planned as learning experiences. 
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Honestly I just turned 31 this year and right now I'm at a serious cross roads in my life where career wise I'm seriously leaning at going back to school for a career change. The past 12 years I was able to work IT jobs by just going to a 2 year vocational school and did not get a degree. The part that got me was that at first I started off working a help desk call center job which is entry level for IT and was making 40K with full benefits. I did that job for about 6 years and then did Desktop Support & PC Repair work and moved up to 61K a year. During that time I just got to complacent and did not bother getting any IT related certifications.

Now I'm at the point where I just took a new Desktop Support job and took a big drop off in salary. The past 2 years has just been so rough on trying to find steady work in my line of work and the bad part is that I seriously don't see the IT industry getting any better as far as jobs go. The industry is just to competitive with to many people holding job related certifications and college degrees, while on top of that competing with other IT professionals that have more experience than you.

As far as education goes for the career change I'm looking at going into next. I looked into both private colleges and community colleges and from what I saw community college systems to a state college or University are one big serious JOKE the way the system is setup. Your seriously looking at putting in 7 years of your life if you go that route. I know because a close friend of mine who graduated high school with me that's how long it took him to get his BA degree by going the community college to state college transfer program.
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Just turned 27 last week. Just moved from Detroit to vancouver coaching college basketball. Of course I am happy now that the grind has paid off but i would love to move up in 2 years . Be more responsible with my funds and start investing . Have a family one day but for now i am focused on my career. If your young enough to travel and see the world before getting married , kids, ect, I say do it. We all could be doing better but glad to see dudes with the right mindset in here.
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Its funny how the mind changes as you age

-17. Damn, bout to graduate high school movin' on up 


-21. Damn, no one told me turning 21 would be this expensive, my gpa isn't a 4.0 as planned. But its all good I'll be making more when I get my degree but I'm really not looking forward to these high pressure job interviews.

-23. Damn, this job sucks, I'm really going to be doing this for the next 20 years? 

-25. Damn, all my friends are getting married and my family is starting to look at me funny for not having at least a fiance.
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