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I was on Twitter a few moments ago I was following a conversation on my timeline. Unfortunately, it was revealed that fellow NTer and /\/TKLer MPLSDunk was involved in a severe car accident recently. His liver was practically torn in half from what I gathered. He goes into surgery tomorrow to repair his liver. Even if you aren't the praying type, keep him in your thoughts. From what I remember via conversations with him he's a pretty good guy and I hope he makes a full recovery.

You can keep progress with the situation here:

This is the last update from the website:
Hi all,

Here I am all alone for the FIRST time at the hospital.  Wow!  And I've only been alone for less than an hour because Dillon and Nicki just left.  That's pretty amazing considering how much time I have spent here and how many days Ian has been here.  Again...wha
t awesome support from all.

No huge changes w/ Ian today.  He is still struggling to come out of the anesthesia (I don't know if I spelled that right, but I'm too tired to figure it out), but he is trying hard to look at us, and is trying more often to come out of it.  Because the anesthesia has to go through his injured liver, apparently it will take him longer to come out of it.  Unfortunately, he has more liver surgery tomorrow, so I doubt he will be too responsive tomorrow. 

Ian is at least making more frequent attempts to open his eyes to look at us and will try to turn his head towards voices.  At one point, he seemed like he was struggling to talk, so I had to tell him he could not talk, as he had a breathing tube in his mouth so he cannot speak.  I told him for once, he will need to be quiet and just listen to me.  How frustrating for him!  I bet he can't stand it!  Maybe I should take this opportunity to lecture him on everything from wearing seatbelts, getting a college education, saving for retirement, being good to his mother, that it's his responsibility to shovel all the dog crap, and that he should shovel his mother's driveway and mow her lawn for her for the rest of her life, etc........Hmm....I might be on to something here.

Anyway, at one point tonight as I was telling Ian I was leaving his room for a short time; he lifted his arm to me as if to ask me to hold his hand.  That might be a "mother's interpretation," but I'm going to go with that.  So I went back and held his hand for a while longer.  I repeatedly tell Ian that he will recover fully and that his brain is fine and that he can move his limbs and will be able to walk, etc.  I know he can hear what I say, but I don't know if he remembers what I say from one visit to the next.  I know that I would want to be reassured that I will be able to think and walk, so I repeat myself frequently.  Ian and Shawnee are used to me repeating myself constantly, so even if he can remember what I tell him; he will just assume that I forgot I already told him.  

Anyway, I'm going to log off for now, so I can go check on Ian.  I think it is AMAZING how many well wishes are coming his way via this website.  You guys are all awesome.  It means a lot to me and I know it will mean a lot to Ian to someday read all of these messages and to see how many people check up on him on a daily basis.  Thanks again.  PS- Special thanks to Marci for sharing a little koolaid w/ me tonight. 
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He'll be in my thoughts. He's lucky he didn't have the little one with him, sounds like one hell of an accident
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OMG!!! IAN! I remember the last time everybody was chatting it up over in the conversate room at the other place like two months ago.

Dude is def in my prayers.
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Prayers are with the dude. Yeah him having a lil one makes it more important to pull through I'd say. Interested in the details of the accident as well.
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