Sep 7, 2002
Dear Premier Customers:

I want to thank all of you for coming out to our grand opening. After a day of rest on Monday we are back at it on Tuesday at noon.

We have updated our website with a ton of new goods that just showed up. New to the store we have 2 new brands: Grit Culture & Instant Winner.

We also have a bunch of new items from Mama, One Hit Wonder, and Free Gold Watch.

Many new T Shirts for the ladies. Please check out the site for pictures of the new items as well as pics of the grand opening.

Our website address is

Again.....thanks again for supporting Premier!

Aaron Biner
He's got 20-25 different styles of shoes in assorted sizes, mostly between 8.5-10.5. He's also got a gangload of Bape hoodies in stock in assorted styles, colors and sizes... Go peep him out!!!!
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stopped by premier today..definitely a cool place.

big ups to Aaron and Mark, both very nice guys. Good luck with the place, ya'll.

I'll be in there often!
Just stopped by the store also.

Aaron and Mark and mad cool.

Picked up a couple of Triumvir shirts and DVD documentary. Nice layout, good location and overall nice atmosphere.

Good luck to you guys and everyone support them!

hmm.. i'll drop by after school tomorrow.. catch me in my uniform
When i talk about a bunch of Shhh you wish you had, You know I just be saying that to get you mad..
Regarding the bape clothing.....we have in a few 3/4 tee's, 1 S/S tee, many track jackets in various camo and sizes L and XL, a few baby milo junk food hoodies in Large, a reversible brown flor. camo hoody in large, carhartt purple vest, baby milo rugby shirt, tons of bape sneakers in sizes 9-11, + more....Its best to come by and let me know your size. I can show you whats in stock


Just wanted to say I stopped there twice this week and this looks like a really cool spot. The white dude I been talkin to is mad cool and they know their stuff. Glad we got a cool spot out here to even out the "hyphy" shops we got with the fake bapes and "invisible women's" that seem to come in all colors,lol.
4-0-8 Yay Area
We just received a nice assortment of Medicom toys! Thats right....we are now stocking some toys. We got in some of the Be@rbricks, GTA III sets, Futura figures,etc. Come check it out.

Also, we are now stocking Upper Playground. We just got in a few slip on sneakers from Fifty24SF, Upper Playground Hoodies, T's, caps,etc. Check for pics!

Been meaning to stop by there for a while now, but never got the chance. Finally did today (what's good aaron - I came in there with wifey today and I was the size 8 cat who chopped it up with you for a minute and copped your last DVD). I'm definitely feelin' the vibe in there. Good, helpful people with a nice atmosphere.

Let me know when you start carryin' my 3XL size bro. I'll be back there before the holidays to cop a few of them Medicom toys for my two sons.

Much props again to Premier Boutique.
New at Premier-San Jose! 12/6

We just received a shipment of Ladies Bourough Bred T's.

For the fellas we just got in Winter J Money T's & hot new Acapulco Gold Winter T's.

Also just in recently in: 10 Deep, Medium Futs, Fresh Jive, Playing For Keeps, & More.

Peep for pics and details.
Definately a cool place! I'll probably stop by after work if I get out in time.
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Definately a cool spot.

If you see a post with a product you might want I suggest swinging by as soon as possible. They got some Alcapulco Gold t's yesterday, and today they didn't have my size.

Big props to the Premier crew, Aaron keep doing your thing!
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