Preseason Player/Team predictions vol. NFL

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Ray Rice is buns.

- Jay Cutler, Matt Forte, Greg Olsen and Devin Hester (receiver) will all make the Pro Bowl.
- Ahmad Bradshaw will rush for a grand as a backup.
- If Derrick Ward starts for the Bucs, he will lose his job by Week 5.
- Steve Slaton will go for 1,500 and 15.
- Cedric Benson still won't crack 4.0 per tote.
- Laurence Maroney.

- Byron Leftwich will start at least 12 games for the Bucs.
- Three players not named Jake Delhomme, David Garrard and Jason Campbell will start at quarterback for the Panthers, Jags and ******** at some point in theseason, and not because of injuries.
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cromartie+merriman+english+hammerjammer = pressure and takeaways

rivers has another awesome year

LT goes for 1,428 rushing/ 489 receiving totaling 21TDS

Sproles beats up afc division teams and returns about 4 punts to the house

raiders win 6.98 games because lorenzo is gonna be blocking for mcfadden/bush power running is very serious

patriots 10-6

mayb another 12-4 for the champs
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Terrell Owens is about to prove alot of yall mother ****as wrong. He will have at LEAST a 10TD 1000 yard season again. The affect he has on the entire offenseis also being overlooked. Lee Evans will put up career highs and the Bills will suddenly be "talented" at WR (even though Reed and Parrish aredecent)
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will worry less about his body and more about catching the football....

1200 yds and 12 kilos amassed by seasons end...

will emerge as a Rothleisberger like playmaker....

will make the team...

de phx jose

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49ers will be a disappointment.
Cardinals will win it all this season, beat the Ravens in the SB.
Originally Posted by royster

Originally Posted by Q46totheE

Will be back to normal

Will lead all CB's in INT's
This dude knows what's up

<Forrest Gump Voice> And that's all I got to say about that
DRC FTW and Ochocinco is that dude

Originally Posted by 651akathePaul

Originally Posted by Respect21

I think the Cards will go 11-5 or 12-4.

Also, I think the 49ers are severely overrated, but I'm biased.

I'm glad to see everyone hopping on the Run DRC bandwagon.

This kid is a BEAST!
overrated? Who said they were any good in the first place?
dude, the whole 49er group are hollering about them, they are over rated.

Originally Posted by SickWitIt

Seahawks will take back the NFC West and Aaron Curry will be DROY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
no, they, as well, will be a disappointment
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Calvin Johnson will be #1 in Rec yards and Rec TD's
lions win 9 games
Chris Johnson and Lendale white will be best RB combo
Brett Farve doesnt play well, TJ takes MINN to play-offs
Ryan plays well but team will be this years GB... QB plays good but team doesnt, miss play offs
Pat White makes the Wild Cat much better for Dolphins... Make play-offs

Wildcard - IND
Wildcard - DET
Titans go to AFC championship game vs. Steelers
Giants go to NFC championship game vs. Vikings/Cards
Giants vs. Titans SB XLIV
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Originally Posted by NyRapisBack

Terrell Owens is about to prove alot of yall mother ****as wrong. He will have at LEAST a 10TD 1000 yard season again. The affect he has on the entire offense is also being overlooked. Lee Evans will put up career highs and the Bills will suddenly be "talented" at WR (even though Reed and Parrish are decent)
Take it from a guy who had him on his fantasy team last season, TO is DONE. And I pretty much knew it after the 1st game against the Skins lastyear when Romo threw it to him what? 20 times? And he had like...7 catches for 76 TDs. Then he had a bunch of games where he caught only 4 ballsand went for 40 yards....still no TDs

And you think he's gonna breakout prove a lot of critics wrong with a weaker QB? Dude drops too many passes and blames it on thegunslinger. He. Is. Finished.
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TheGift23 wrote: [hr][/hr] Skins come on man.

I have a feeling he is going to have a breakout year and leave us
(because of what happened during the off season) ...(O-line needs to step it up too! for this to happen)

- Devin Thomas "can" be a problem with his size and speed if he stays level headed!
- Also watch out for Fred Davis (Him and Cooley on Double TE sets will be a problem)

- Skins Top 5 Defense as always...LaRon Landry needs to start playing up to his potential, his athleticism is only going to get him so far.
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Only 2 receivers will go 50+ on Nnamdi
LaRon Landry: 5+ INT and will take one to the house
A ******* receiver will finally go 1000+
Smitty will call out Delhomme by Week 8
Texans will make wild-card on the last game of the regular season
Gus Johnson will be on IR w/ all the last-minute plays this season
Packers will lead NFL in INT's

More to add later...
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Originally Posted by Kiddin Like Jason

Laurence Maroney will continue to prove he's a slightly above average running back.
Joseph Addai will regress.
Ray Rice is going to be terrible.
Marshawn Lynch will go for 1,600 total yards and 16 scores.
Steve Slaton will lead the Texans in rushing yards.
David Garrard's luster will wear off.
The Saints will win at least two playoff games.
Adam Jones will be one of the five best cornerbacks.
Drew Brees will lead the NFL in passing yards.
I only put nine.

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