PRICE CHECK 1999 CEMENT IV SIZE 9.5 Retro IV experts help me out

Joined Jan 7, 2009
Whats up NT, just wanted a quick price check on these IV's i picked up today.....

1. No OG box just the shoes
2. Nike air on back is fully painted no chipping
3. Overall "cement speckle print" is in tact through out shoe
4. Stars on the fron outsole are in tact except for a small roll (see pics)
5. Air bubles are not fogged (see pics)
6. small spots around air bubble are showing signs of fading
7. Firm midsole, i wore them for a little while to test them out (around the house of cours
8. these are not ds so there is some creasing,,,
9. sz 9.5
10. JUST picked these up today so havent cleaned them up yet.. this is a pre-clean quote lol..

Thanks for the price check!
Joined Jan 4, 2009
^not 320...thats more like a price for a deadstock pair...more like $175-$225 max with a good cleaning.

I got a pair in the same condition from RIFLA for $175

Joined Aug 10, 2009
Probably depends on the amount of buyers though, there's still a lot of stars on this pair and OP can get rid of creases pretty easily.
My friend sold his WC IV's with no stars left for 250
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