Price check DS chicago X, SZ 11.5

Apr 9, 2009
PC on those is $0.00

Jumpman on the sole is too detailed, it is from the retro mold

...also, if they're DS, why is there no "Nike Air" on the insole?
Believe it or not these are not fake at all. Seller has sold many og jordans with 100% feedback rating with many comments that shoes are authentic.
these may be legit but they are far from DS and no where near worth what the listing states.
Well I paid 400 for them she does not have the og box so they have been collecting some dust over the years Il post more pics wen I get them
well it cant go for the listed price that a DS goes for, because it looks like there is some heel drag, but if you did pay 400 and they are real, than theycould maybe go for 800. That is if they are real
They are DS I'm telling you man. They have no creases at all! and nike air is 100% in tact. The heels just look dusty. Once I clean those bad boys up theregoing to be worth much more money then what I paid!
Please do post pictures of the actual shoes you recieve, I am really intrigued now!
Don't get me wrong, I hope they are the real deal, I hate to see anyone get scammed over Jordans....

But, I have never ever seen a pair of OG Xs where the Jumpman on the sole has laces & fingers!

If you look at the Jordan comparison thread over on ISS, you will see that I did the comparisons for the Xs & I specifically high-lighted the differencesbetween the Jumpmans.


Anyway, good luck & please keep us informed!
I myself saw what u were talking about firepower. The pics I saw earlier today had webbed hands instead of fingers, but these indeed do look legit. So ifdoesnt come with the OG Box like pictured above... Then what pictures did you see in order for you to decide to cop or not?
As soon as I recieve them I will post pictures they are indeed. Very legit though guys it is power seller and he is known for 0g sneakers
The tag says made in korea not taiwan, but I know X's where made in both places. Does the fingers and shoe laces trigger an automatic fake? I need to knowsoon so I can get a refund before he sends them. The guy had 100% feedback from selling numorous real Jordans also. Maybe he just didn't know these werefake.... I don't want these things if there fake I just want my money back. Every chicago 10 I saw had no fingers and laces so I'm begining to get alittle worried. Please help my og heads!
This isYour X. First look at the font where it says points next to the his hand... look at the foot i have circled. Look at the way it is positioned. The webbed handis leveled with the bottom of the P in points while the legit pair is leveled a little bit slanted with the P in Points.

This is a legit one.
Look atthis shoe. And also look at POINTS compared to the pic you have, Also look at both BBALLs, this one is positioned further away from the S, and yours is rightnext to it. And the LEft foot is spaced away from the R in Rookie while yours is right on top of it.
the tag is fine my og steal 10s were made in korea the thing i would be worried about is how their DS but theres no nike air on the inside thats unexplainable,seeing as ive worn alot of my ogs 5 or more times and my nike air is still very visible theres no reason why those look untouched but have no nike air on theinside and the jordan on the bottom is very different from all of my og 10s thers no laces or fingers on the bottom jumpman just on the jumpman on the back ofthe shoe,IMO ASK FOR YOUR MONEY BACK
I'm thinking your seller may not even know they are fakes, if she is as legit as you say, then it could just be an honest mistake on her part.

But, the Xs in your pictures are def fake.
Originally Posted by FIREPOWER23

I'm thinking your seller may not even know they are fakes, if she is as legit as you say, then it could just be an honest mistake on her part.

But, the Xs in your pictures are def fake.
Yeah thats what I told her, she refunded the money as soon as I asked for it back. Good thing because she was going to ship the shoes thismorning. They are fakes though, just really good fakes. Now someone find me a real pair of 95 x's in a 11.5! SEATTLE HERE I COME!
Glad you got your $ back.

I just sold my DS pair last week.

And those are horribly fake.

Saw the auction but even from the picture, you can see that the tag is the Korean printed tag.


But do not assume that if you see a pair, say Chicago X's made in Taiwan that they are automatically authentic.

As there are pairs that say 'Made in Taiwan' that are fake as well.
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