Price check- Jordan Iv "Og" white/cement "Please Help"

Joined Mar 28, 2009
"This is what the seller is saying"

VVNDS WHT/CEMENT IV SZ.11 (no og box, one will be provided)

And dude says he wants $290 for them

"PLEASE" Tell me what you guys think I don't want to get screwed over for these
Joined Mar 28, 2009
Originally Posted by FIREPOWER23

They are not OGs, they are the '99 retros, PC-$150-200

Yeah so do you think I should offer $200 even because he wants $290 and just don't feel like they are worth that......."Right" ?
Joined Mar 28, 2009
Originally Posted by kicks4eva

i would say around $200, give or looks as if they have been repainted..

By it being repainted and it's creased like hell do think $190 would be cool because I really want these but hey's saying that he can't let them gofor nothing under $270 do you think he's bluffing because $290 for these is a lot. I feel like he's trying to pull a fast one on me damn issjerkoffs......What should I tell dude? like should tell him either $200 or nothing or how should go along telling dude how much I want for these ! I'mtotally confused !
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i wouldnt pay no more then $200 and thats really pushing it, if he dosnt let them go for that oh well. just be patient and something else will come along,thats the fun in it...
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Can't blame him for wanting $290, but you should meet the seller halfway, Offer him around $190 to start with, go to $200 if you want, but remind him thatthey have no box or retro card & they are well worn.
Even though they might be wearable, a pair of '99s won't have a lot of life left in them. Plus we are in the middle of a recession, got to try &get the best deals you can!

Good luck bro!
Joined Feb 29, 2008
the most i would offer for those iv's is $220. not having the box, tag, card, etc. does hurt the value. even if they are wearable, in time they will startto crumble on you. my white/cement iv's i got were "wearable" but soon started to crack on me after a couple of wears. if someone else wants togive them more money for the shoes, let them. you'll find a pair eventually for the price you're willing to pay.
Joined Jun 14, 2008
no more then 200, if he wont go for it oh well....there is always more shoes out there
Joined Sep 29, 2008
well i would say that price isto much maybe 240 , and if they ar repainted than less, but i would ask for pics. of the air bubble, to make sure that they arewearable
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