price check og he got games size 9.5

Joined Mar 11, 2013
They're probably worth something to someone.

If you have the box you could /maybe/ get $30-$50 for them.
Joined Jun 8, 2013
if there's no heal drag. Yous should really restore them. its very fun plus you can get 4x the worth. Getting them crease out is easy. Some painting and a hair blower to shine up the Jordan pendent thing on the back lol... just youtube it. 
Joined Jun 24, 2013
Soles are prettymuch perfect I only wore them on hardwood courts just some bubble gum stuck to the bottom lol ill look it up thanx
Joined Jun 8, 2013
Then it will be a easy restoration. Get some white leather paint. a Iron a black shirt take the creases out easy
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