Price Check on Deadstock Infrared 6 Pack

Joined Feb 22, 2013
Heyy I'm looking for a price check on a deadstock Infrared 6 Package size 8.  I might've found a good deal on them but I don't want to drop too much on it.  Please help me out!  Thanks in advance.
Joined Jun 8, 2013
Most i would drop on some ds infrared 6 pack is 300, The quality on them 6's were the worst i've that JB released. frfr 
Joined Mar 11, 2013
whats a good deal. these retailed for 340 tax included(depending on area) fast fwd 2013 prices has risen. ive seen some packs go for 600- 950 on ebay. so based on the condition u described Dead Stock i would say 425 is a decent price
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