Price check on these 00-01 XIs as a pack please

Joined Apr 10, 2015
Granted the jams are worth more than the other two pair, find me 2000 Concords in this condition for less than $200 and I'll buy without hesitation lol
Joined Jan 9, 2015
What size u looking for? Looking at those 11's they look pretty beat but looks cleaned. My IMO each pair in that condition is around 200 give or take, and since it's a bundle deal my estimate top would be 650
Joined Apr 30, 2002
put them on eBay and see for yourself, the shoes are not in good condition. Top value isn't there
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Joined Mar 25, 2013
The shoes will be more valuable sold separately..If you want a package sale your going to have to offer package deal pricing. Its really that simple..$700-$750 TOPS in my opinion..Yes they are in good shape but not DS correct? Also more pix are ALWAYS better for an accurate assessment..
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