PRICE CHECK: Original Air Jordan IV Military Blue

Joined Mar 30, 2004
I'm thinkin about puttin these on eBay, but I wanna see what I might be able to get for them first. (Tag in the pics is eBay username)

Cracking on the midsole of one shoe.

Teardrop slightly peeling.

I have more pics if they're needed, but I'd rather not clog up the thread with countless images. Thanks in advance for your input!
Joined Jan 4, 2009
this is a tough one since you rarely see these around

id pay $250 tops...i really have no idea what theyre worth
Joined Jun 15, 2009
Id say 230 Max..Well what I would pay since theyre OG. But i thnk someone out there wouldnt mind paying $250 +
Joined Aug 22, 2006
these are in great shape, prob one of the few clean pairs...there is a minor crack but the soles are still in one peice, id say around $400 for these..very clean pair..
Joined Jul 7, 2008
Tough to find in this condition, most pairs are going to have cracking. Depending on buyer, but that fresh you could get around 400+.
Joined Jan 4, 2009
id agree with at least $250-$375 with og box and in this condition but just shoes $250 max still for me.
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