Prince James gets put into his place by T. Woods...

Mar 31, 2002
Don't get me wrong, I think Lebron is gonna be a great player but he trying to step up to Tiger? C'mon now....


Copied for the lazy...
"Armed with a late next-day tee time at the Senior PGA, Mark O'Meara [Tiger's best friend] decided to head to Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland to support his old hometown Orlando Magic against the Cavs. The Man Out Front [code name for the writer of this column] was looking over his shoulder when Mo sent a text to buddy Tiger Woods that read, "I'm sitting a foot from LeBron James and he told me you've got to get your act in gear." Woods was quick to respond: "Tell LeBron I got nine MVPs and 14 championships." And then he added, "$$$, and I'm not done.""
random fact: they've got the same b'day and bron wanted to throw a joint gig with woods at one point.
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Lebron in 10 Years > Tiger in 35 years.
The only thing Lebron will have over Tiger is greater hair loss.

You've got to understand that Tiger has gotten over his major knee injury and is on his way back to his GREAT form. Lebron hasnt gotten a major injury yetand we are still waiting to see what happens after that.
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