Pro-am games at Kezar

Jul 2, 2000
Does anyone ever go to these games? I missed last nights game and was wondering if anyone saw it. I heard the final score was 148-145 in OT.
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Which NBA/notable college players played in Pro-Am this summer?
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..........The games are still competitve..........I'm at a game once or twice a week, I'm a basketball junkie though - since there isn't any kind of hoop on tv, the pro-am is a solid game to's free - next week starts the playoffs....and you got ballers from my and your neck of the woods....Haven't seen a NBA player this summer - but I've seen alleys, dimes and people shook out they draws......Notable players - ya gotta know who is who - but there is D1 competition represented
North Carolina, Cal, UNLV, USF, ST. MARY'S....Players that played D1 who have gone on overseas, Cordell Butler AKA Ballaholic - ALL FROM THE BAY MANE........
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i used to go ALL THE bro used to run in pro am and my HS bball coach runs one of the teams so id always be out there watching with friends....

there was one game in particular i remember where jrich was doing all his dunk contest winning material in the warm ups...and later in the game, justin love had a fast break and went up for a dunk and gil tried to contest it and got SMASHED was pretty brutal...i think i still have the picture of gil i told justin to sign after the game haha..

got a lot of memories from pro am games....
^^^^^^^I was there too.... Justin Love bashing on Arenas had the whole gym in an uproar!!!!! Stupid ******ed Facial.... :wow:
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hmm, maybe we should have a mini post OFFICIAL Norcal BBQ Summit at one of the upcoming Pro-Am games.
it'd be cool to just chill and watch some hoops w/a few heads.
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I've played many a games at Kezar and I have to say, that floor has bounce. I've never felt a hardwood floor spring up like the one at Kezar.

I wish there were more notable players competing this season. Leon Powe was the last "big name" I saw.
^^ yall sleepin on my boy dior if you don't think he big time.
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dior lowhorn?

got a chance to meet him and he said that he didnt like bob knight?? or the program or something. not sure

imo i think he had a better chance to be anything if he stayed at texas tech..not knocking on USF..i've seen the players and they got talent and all but cmon...its USF
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