Pro Tools LE 8 HELP: NO Sound Working

Joined Sep 20, 2003
  • Pro Tools 8 LE
  • MBox2 Mini
  • Dell XPS Gen 2
  • XP Service Pack 2
  • 3.20GHZ
  • 2.00 GB Of Ram

So I bought the Pro Tools 8 LE along with the MBox2 Mini yesterday.

Everything installed fine up until I launched the program. Mic works fine and the songs were playing. But the problem is that sound only comes out of the LEFTside of my Ear phones, and same when I plug in my speakers.

*I'm using the adapter to use basic headphones/speakers to the mBox.

The Levels for the L and R are showing that there is sound on both L and R but it's not working on the Headphones/Speakers (Only on the left side).

I checked the Pan and Mixer and it's pretty much default.

I also downloaded the CS1/CS2 updates.

*Also, when I'm not using Pro Tools LE there is NO sound at all.

So far I got Windows fully updated and before this I was usin Cubase with a Lexicon Interface which worked fine, but of course I deleted everything I installedthe mBox2 mini.

Anybody help me please? All I did was open up the program and already have some problems.

*I've already re-installed twice, Validated Windows, and even tried installing it on a different account on my computer but still no luck.


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well... I got pretty much the same setup execpt I got a MAC mini...... did you do a complete uninstall???? maybe your mbox is defected....
Joined Sep 20, 2003
Originally Posted by devildog1776

well... I got pretty much the same setup execpt I got a MAC mini...... did you do a complete uninstall???? maybe your mbox is defected....
Yes...I uninstalled completely from the Disc and removed EVERYTHING related to DigiDesign. You know what, that could be right about the defected part. Butthing is, my computer is from '03 but it runs anything and everything. But as of late I just had to get a new graphics card, without an interface my micplug is distorted if I record straight from the computer so I'm assumin theres more @#%@ I need to upgrade that I have yet to know about. Free programslike Audacity and Sonic work fine. When I had the Lambda interface I had to do somethin extra on Cubase to get the sound to work, like Control Panel thenclick a button.

I'm about to cop a Macbook Pro on Thursday but I won't be gettin it till the week after. So 'till then I gotta wait till the Customer Service isopen on Monday-Friday. Their main office is 3 miles away from my house, I just wish I could just walk in and get a diagnostic or somethin

I tried postin on the Digi Design forums and @#%@ got 10 views with NO replies.

I gotta get some recordin done but I guess I gotta tough it out, I've been messin with Pro Tools with the same faulty @*+ errors and I'm commin up withmore, like not bein able to Monitor another track in the session, I could only hear it on the first one I did. So if I try to do a double layer I won't beable to hear the monitor.

Like my dude who is Pro-Tools savvy said, my luck is %%%@## up right now.

But thanks for the replies.
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