Probably the best, coolest, most amazing video of all time. Seriously.

Joined Aug 9, 2009
most def an epic video, but nowhere near the most amazing of all time.
Crazy that they had to do all that in one take, too
Joined Apr 17, 2005
its kinda cool... kinda boring after a while... some of it i didnt think flowed.. but ehh... i could just be tired... either way, cool story bro
Joined Nov 18, 2009
I thought it was over when those red things started to inflate... barely 1/3 of the way. that must've taken a few lifetimes to make...
Joined Apr 13, 2009
saw that earlier today, all of their (ok go) videos are like that.. one continuous take.. pretty original.
Joined Nov 14, 2004
ok go really needs to focus on making better music. really awesome videos can only mask mediocre unimaginative music for so long. so this video gets a
from me
Joined Sep 19, 2004
That's pretty cool. Some of them you couldn't see exactly how it reacted. the 1 with the fan on the flow I couldn't see how it turned on.
Joined Apr 7, 2008
I dont know about all that "coolest, most amazing..." stuff, but it was definitely impressive. Videos like this always remind me that humans can do anything we put our minds to. And I doubt if that was all one take.
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