Process of fighting a traffic ticket vol. Check in if you fought your ticket

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So this is my first moving violation and its complete nonsense. Ticketed for a rolling stop at a 4 way intersection at around 10pm on a Sunday. One car ahead of me did nearly the exact same thing, and I just followed it (while slowing down for the stop sign, of course) but I got the ticket. Officer said to me, "I normally wouldn't do this, but I'm on a grant. I'm most likely not going to show up in court anyways". Anyways, my court date is on the 11th, but I received a notice giving me some options:

1.) $235 to go to court and fight it, will be refunded if I'm found not guilty. (I assume I won't get a point on my L's if I'm not guilty)
2.) $287 to avoid going to court, plus the cost of going to traffic school.

what I'd like to know is:

a) What happens if I pay the $235, go to court and lose the case? Am I able to still take traffic school if that happens?
b) *edit* What happens if I show up to court and the cop that pulled me over isn't there?
c) How is my insurance affected by this?


So I'm reading my notice and it says something like you show up on the court date written on the ticket and from there you have have to schedule a trial? I'm really not trying to spend a lot of time (and gas) to get rid of this... it just makes it sound like your trial isn't the day thats on the ticket. Is this true?
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If it's your first offense and/or you're eligible for traffic school, the judge might allow you to still go to traffic school. Depends on the judge.

Yes, your insurance premium will be increased upon renewal. Insurance companies will use any excuse to squeeze money out of you.
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If that pig isnt there your good no witness but if hes there do the traffic school if its an option just be sure your not getting a conviction and your good just no if u can beat it try cause once u use the traffic school up judge isnt giving it ever again.
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so you getting a ticket for not making a full stop is complete nonsense?


but anyway... option 1
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^^ I just feel that the person in front of me should've gotten the ticket. Wrong place, wrong time I guess. Just sucks seeing how many people get away with warnings after several violations and here I am getting a ticket for my first.

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I might be wrong about this, but im pretty sure if the cop doesnt show up, you dont get charged with anything.
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Yeah if the cop doesn't show then there's not one to prove your guilty. SOunds like option 1 is better all around
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