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Well on sizing i usually wear a 10 in the p-rod ones and Team editions, but on the prod 2's i wear a 10.5 due to its verrrry puffy quilted liner. I dont have any dunks so no comparison for that. Comfort wise, you can feel the zoom air respond right out of the box so its really comfy, plus it gives a low profile feel also. Breathability, it is ok. I find my feet getting warm sometimes, but thats almost a given for any shoes. hope that helps
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its good...i have it so i don't have to tie the laces. i suggest that you get them in person to try them on. ^zoom air does respond right out the box...
good season golden state warriors.


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can anyone give any comparison to jordan's? sizing wise?
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i wear a 10 in Jordans and a 10 in the PRod 1's, but in the PRod 2's, I wear a 10.5 (snug, I had to take the insole out the 1st time I wore them) or an11 (casual, nicely loose).
So, my take is for skating, 1/2 size up, for casual wear, full size up.

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