PT Lounge in SF

Thats My Word

formerly derrty6232
Apr 29, 2006
Going there later. NT, please tell me more about this place. Dress code?
- Get in where you fit in...and thats real....
I have been there a few times. I felt like I was the only non-asian. Place is ok. They used to let in alot of people under 21 but I think recently someone underage got into a car accident and killed someone. They traced him back to PT so I think they are strict on that policy. I might be wrong though.

As for dress code, I am not certain that they inforce it because everytime I have gone in, I have been wearing t-shirts and kicks.
^That place was wack....I went there....chilled for a little bit, then went to some bar on 10th and irving...forgot how i got there.. :lol:

- Get in where you fit in...and thats real....
yea...its really not that great...everytime I have gone, it has been for a friends birthday. Straight up, I felt like we were the only ones on the dancefloor. Everyone else just chills on the couches surrounding the dancefloor watching us. How lame is that. At least we have a good time. I wouldnt ever go there unless it was for a friends party.
Kids in the U.S. ruin things for everyone, my goodness. You cant hook anyone up because someone will F it up or they will sue you, there is no in between anymore.
Life is hard, but so am I​
Yeah, there are a lot of asians at PT :rofl:
. I used to dj there on thursdays. It gets pretty packed on thursday nights now. My homie throws the thursday events, check out and check out the galleries. Everybody is in t-shirts and kicks.
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