I think they' are closing soon crux that's why they're having a huge sale. too bad their success here is shortlived, but according to my source and she is quite reliable when it comes to puma.. that puma's production right now is 6x more compared to previous years.
Are you talking about the Puma stores? Or are you talking about the whole dealership closing down and ceasing operations here?

That sucks.
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They pulled out pumas at Rustan's Makati and now putting all their products on sale is a bad sign..so expect sportswarehouse to have lots of puma on the coming days. I'd say they are heading to close the puma part of the business..but not sure though.
i was supposed to get Jojo the last pair of size 10's but they looked like they've been touched/tried on by people who just had KFC for dinner. For those of you who wear size 12, you guys are in luck. I saw 5 pairs in this size. :smokin
Thanks Carlo.

I need extra pairs of both XS850s. If anyone spots a size 10 or 10.5, completely DS, please let me know.

I heard another company will take over Puma's operations locally.
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the lady at the counter said they were closing down , but only those under planet sports. there will be other franchises operating naman daw.
FS/FT DS Zoom KOBE (black maize) SIZE 9
willing to trade for ds zk1 8.5
<if you havent bought yet, help me out>
KC, any sighting of nice white puma's? maui's looking for a pair of whites... where are they selling puma now? i haven't seen any after the store in shang closed down.
funny thing PUMA's sales internationally are pretty good i think it's only here that puma's been frowned on..
not allowed
^bring out the new line of PUMA's... just not the ones that are unaffordable... :lol:
Puma roars backed at 6:30 p.m. and lasted until past 11 after a fashion show that starred visiting Brazilian models.

"Were not competing head-on with the big sports brands," said Villarama. "Were not bidding to outfit basketball teams or sign up athletes as endorsers. Our concentration is sports lifestyle although in a few months, well be bringing in a competition shoe for basketball in the P3,500 to P5,000 price range. Pumas model isnt even a professional athlete shes Malaysian actress Michelle Yeoh who personifies the lifestyle trend that is distinctly identified with the brand."

With Cougar and Golden Mane at the helm, Puma is roaring back in the market.
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