*puts on flamesuit* justin biebers believe accoustic is on the same level as 20/20

Nov 26, 2012
it wasn't as cookie cutter , and you can actually feel the emotion in biebers

voice....timberlake kinda just remade a variant 2013 version of future sex love sounds

which at the time it came out was a solid album

this joint is beyond 

Aug 17, 2007
Is this a real thread? Honestly?

And what does sales have to do with anything?
Oct 10, 2005
20/20 = grown man music

justin bieber = music for girls that haven't had their period yet.
i think theres a perception of bieber making toddler music

from his earlier day's

but his newer music is edgier.....relatively speaking of course
Only way I'll agree with you is if you meant Bieber's Believe is the "20/20 Experience" for his target age group.  If so, then sure I can see that.  Trilluminated is right, Bieber's music isn't mature yet, he's getting there, but his fans aren't there and neither is he.  Right Here is a perfect example of the level of his maturity, Drake's verse makes that song remotely "edgy."

Btw, Ariana Grande's cover > the original, and that's the first time I ever liked the cover over the original...

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