Quavious Cancelled or Nah? Him and Saweetie Got Into a Lil Kerfuffle. VOL. What's with These Elavators?

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He missed the cancel revolution by 8-10 years
His (Chris Brown) fans weren't going to stop supporting him then or now. Some of his fans even tried to blame Rihanna.

Cancelling would only work if his fan base stopped purchasing music, merch, and concert tickets.

Tory Lanez BA wasn't even cancelled for shooting a woman. So this elevator video is not going to stop any Migos/Quavo fans from supporting him/them.
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I think we've talked about "Cancellations" before but how often do TRUE FANS of a celebrity really cancel them?

To me, it is usually non-fans and/or people that don't even care about that person that "Cancel" them.
People exposed that Doja Cat was saying the N word with the hard R and all that and she hibernated for like 2 months and dropped a single that was top of the charts. The cancel generation has the attention span of a fly. They forget all about what the celeb did a week after
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He looked completely fed up with her. It doesn't look too bad, but he looked like he didn't want to be bothered by her. He should have at least helped her up kept talking it out.
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No more Wrigley's Doublemint gum commercials and NBA All Star Celeb games other than that his music career is fine

Nah, his reputation was definitely tarnished. Before the Rihanna incident, he brought fans over from other genres and older folks. Now it's just younger fans that are already into young R&B/Hip Hop artist.
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