Question About Cancelling A Gym Membership Prematurely

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A while ago when I first moved to southern california I signed up for a gym membership at a small local gym around the way.  When I signed up the membership was for two years.

Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago,  I had to cancel one of my debit cards because of a couple of unauthorized purchases, this was the same card that was paying my gym membership automatically by the month.

Here's the issue, my university has a better gym that offers memberships for half the price of my original gym.  Obviously I want to go with my university, the thing is I did sign a contract with that other gym.  Does that contract mean anything? Keep in mind they have no way to charge me for it now that my card has been canceled.  Is there anything I should be worried about like credit scores?

Thanks in advanced.
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Yes, the contract has meaning and you're still gonna owe. It's gonna come up in the system as that you have a past balance.
Just see what you can do about canceling it and maybe they can work out a deal
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Originally Posted by Toy Collector123

it wont go on your credit report though. just say you got injured and can't participate for a year.
You're going to need a doctor's note. Might be easier to say you moved and hope that you have a friend living far enough out of town that is willing to let you use a copy of their gas bill for proof of residence.


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A similar thing happened to me. I lost my debit card and got a new one. Because of that, the monthly charge from the gym got declined. I got a call and a letter from a collection turned out that the gym used a 3rd party service to do the collections.

I wanted to switch gyms too, but I only had several months left in the contract and just went through with it.
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