Question about customizing Jordan 10s. What I want done

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I would like to have the Orlando 10’s and shadow 10’s sole swapped and inner lining swapped. I have really no experience customizing and never had anything like this. How hard would this be to do? Is it possible? If I provide the shoes how much should I expect to pay?
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Soleswapping two shoes that aren't already separating is a little bit hard, but very possible. There are videos on YouTube that show how people remove the soles from donors when they're repairing an old shoe. The person would just be doing that twice.

Swapping inner liners is something I don't think I've ever seen be done. Maybe a cobbler or seamstress could do it, but I would imagine that it would damn near if not outright require the upper of the shoe to be deconstructed. The most I've ever seen be done with a liner is get painted a different color.

It's hard to say anything in regards to a price estimate, that varies too much. You would have to Google/search hashtags on Instagram for customizers and restorers and shoot your shot. I will say that the general rule of thumb for customization is that it probably costs more than you'd like it to :lol:
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