Question about the red foamposite pros

Joined Apr 8, 2009
do they make fake ones out there? cause i know someone whos selling a pair for 150 brand new without the box. Could this be legit or a bullish!?
Joined Apr 20, 2005
they make fakes of everything, so I wouldn't take any chances. Samples are usually worth well over the retail value for a shoe like that so someone selling them for $150 bought them on Canal street. Also, this would have been better off in the Metallic Red Foam one post.
Joined Sep 13, 2001
You sure you are talking Foamposite "Ones" or Pros? Because if they are the Pros (with swoosh on the side) & not the Ones (no swoosh) you should be good (that is a fair price, depending on their condition, of course)

Still to be on the safe side check the shoe out in hand if possible. There are numerous fakes of both the Foam One & Pro out there floating around
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