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So I'm a rapper and one day a person comes up to me and says "I want to be your manager." But I say "I don't really want a manager right now." So later he calls you and says "Hey I got you a meeting at this record label and they want to sign you." And before I take the meeting I let him know once again, "Look man I appreciate all the help but I still haven't chosen you as my manager, I haven't signed any agreements or anything, but I will take this meeting to see what the labels are talking about." So then I go to the meeting and the meeting is a huge success and he even brought the label out to see me perform. About a week later I still don't feel comfortable with him being my manager so I let him know. "Hey man I appreciate everything you've done but I'm not really feeling you as a manager and I think its time we go our separate ways." Say a month later I go back and talk to the label that he introduced me to and I decided to do a deal with out him. At that point does he have to right to say "If you sign with THAT label then I'm going to sue you because I was the connecting source of the deal" ? Does someone have the right to be compensated for initiating/introducing two business partners that go into a deal.
I understand morally they may feel like they are owed something but technically under the law do they have a case?
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Legally he can't do anything about it, there is nothing in writing with your signature dealing with this dude... BUT...*Dame Dash voice "Just make sure that deal isn't wack"
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Not a lawayer of any sort, but he might have some say so. Without him would you've signed with them or even be acknowledged by them? Basically he sounds like a recruiter for a company.
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No, u told him he didn't wann rock w/ him like that and he introduced u to the label on his own. I could see if you made a verbal agreement which can be as strong as paper and ink but u didn't so the only thing u have to worry about is the moral issue

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He messed up by not having a written agreement, but you should definitely give him some type of compensation. 
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Nothing he can do. There was no contract or agreement of any kind. But kick him back something at an appropriate time (if you get enough to justify it). Even Saigon kicked some cash to Turtle.
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maybe he takes that label "talent" and there will be no deal without him

he paid to bring them out to see you perform so you owe him something

but did this happen cause they way you wrote it sounds half like it did and half like it didnt lol


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get a referral agreement signed between you and the manager and give him a commission because he did provide you with a lead. Make sure the manager actually isn't affiliated or agent by some way of the company and make sure he is not a party to the contract between you and the label. should be good from there.
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