Question for all Seattle NT'ers

Jan 31, 2007
Haven't been to Seattle for a long minute, since my pops died in '96, I haven't gone back there. I need to know where are some good places to stop and get some food, where you eat at?

another question, has anyone ever ate at the vietnamese restaurant at white center a few stores down from the angkor market?

if so how long have you eaten there?

I ate there 15 years ago 5x a week for four years and the owner was a good friend of my pops and I wonder if he still own it
If you like sea food Pike Street has some real good sea food places right next to the water. Crab Bucket is real good. Never ate at the vietnamese restaurant though
man you lay around white center?? lol thats like my backyard, which viet place are you talking about?? the one that used to be across safeway? what was it called??

if you are looking for other places to eat you can hit up Red Mill in ballard for a sexy burger and the best onion rings.
Crab Bucket is very good aswell
Spuds on Alki is my favorite though
or if you want to see NTers you can go to sushiland in tukwilla and meet some champs employees talk about shoes and eat sushi, what a combination!
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