Question for Tattoo Enthusiasts: How do you research a particular artist in your area?

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Finally decided to get a tattoo. Seeing as how I've waited so long to get one, however, I want to ensure that I select a qualified artist. Is their a website of some sorts where it ranks the best artists in your region? I live in Austin, Texas btw. Thanks for any help.
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I'd like to know this too. Some tips and advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Word of mouth from friends is great, but if you ain't got that, just google and browse some sites. Usually, spots that can afford web sites are legit enough to be halfway decent. Look through the artist's portfolios and make a few emails/calls. That's the best advice I can offer you...

al audi

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Madd dudes at my gym got Tats so I I'm just goin off word of mouth. I've asked a few dudes who got real tight sleeve work done.
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