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Hey guys,  a two part question.

So a few days ago the left speaker on my logitech x-230 decided to go out.  The speaker itself doesn't seem to be busted because when i plug in headphones into the outlet on the right speaker i don't get sound on the left side there either.  Any way to fix this?

Either way he speakers are about six years old so its no huge loss if they aren't fixable, and I've been looking at a few speakers online.  My new laptop has a port that says "S/P DIF" on it, thats a 3.5mm port as well.  I looked online and it says that its a digital output for .  Question is what kind of speakers are compatible with this?


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Thread JACK.

Speakers just blew... anyone have any good suggestions for computer speakers? Preferably one with a good sub.
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