Question from a Canadian...vol. US Health Care

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Can someone give me a breakdown on the US Healthcare system? More specifically, why there is no free healthcare?

I know here in Canada we have it and all, but its hard to compare a country with 32 or so million, to one with over 300 million...(plus, from what I hear, if you get cancer in Canada, you got to wait like month and months for treatment since it "free")

Is it simply a money thing and its too expensive to offer it to that many people? Or are other reason behind it?

Also, is anything currently in the works that would pass the healthcare plan?
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i really dont know how the healthcare plan is coming along or if it will get pass ....

but i know health care out here is very expensive here in SoCal .... i believe my job pays for me or they take a percentage out of my check im not sure how it works for me but i do know i have to pay for my kids and that literally is an arm and a leg

pros - is we can go any where to get seen only have to pay just the co pay. actually depends on what health care you have and on your location.

cons - can be very pricey

on another note OP lets get a OG pic of your avatar
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