question on consignment wth EQPT

Oct 5, 2006
Was wondering if anyone here has done a consignment with EQPT and have had their heat sold in less than a month.

I currently have a size 9 pair of online fire red spizikes(that i picked up for 130 :D
), and would like to sell it to EQPT. planning to sell for 400 or 380, and was wondering if resellers from the seattle area have sold to EQPT for somethin significantly above retail
Just want to say VERY nice pickup but I dont think they will buy for 400.
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i called and they said they would sell if for that price, not sure if any sneakerhead would buy that ugly spizike for that price though.

i forgot to ask what their policy in consignment is though.

u get 90% of your asking price if the shoe is sold right? do they get to keep your shoe after a long period of time without selling??? im new to this consignment thing, how does it work
you pick your high and low on how much you want to sell your sneakers.
its a 10/90 for the consignment
and imo, i dont think the fire red spizikes wont sell for you 400. the lower you go, the faster it will sell
example, aqua chalk sb dunk $130 sold in like a week or so.
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for awhile now, people were able to take back their sneakers without a charge

but for you saying that, they might actually read this thread and take that idea of charging people if they take back their sneakers
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^so why dont you just edit your thread so they won't?
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