Question on Upcoming Jordan Vs

hey whats up got a question myself but does the philippines get Ls jordans i know you got the grapes and im not sure u got the black and caro 5s cause im goin to be in the pi when the grey jordan 3s come out and i wanna know u guys are gettin them or should i just leave my money with my friend so he can copp them out here
do u guys know any stores that will carry LS releases near Santiago, Isabela??
cause my uncle lives there and they dont really have a mall in that city

If I saw the thread correctly. It mentioned here that The Grapes were released in the PI? I just want to know if there still some available cuz I will be there on the 13th of next month! Please let me know and if they do I need em in a size 9.5.
check out the grapes thread. size 9 display pairs are still available
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