Questions about Cracker Barrel vol. is it safe for a brotha

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i just wanted to know what people's opinion on the restaurant Cracker Barrel. has anybody eaten there. is there food any good. is it safe for brotha's
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Only thing I liked was the biscuits and gravy

The rest of the food was no good
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Smh you should be going to Piccadilly's not trash %%! Cracker Barrel, they're only good for their assortment of candy canes. Step your cafeteria restaurant game up.
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Don't go there, you're asking to get lynched!

Not really. Go.. they have pretty ok food..I used to go all the time with my family for breakfast. (im black)
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i get asked this all the time. the food is iight. i went to one in some town and all the white ppl looked at me crazy
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I know what you mean.The employees were on point,but the vibe was a know.The concerns of the OP are legitimate,but I wouldn't be too worried about that though.
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i used to think the exact same thing...but gf parents always want to go so I'll say the food is OK at best..
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If you are from the South or like home cooking then you will enjoy it. Can't go wrong with Chicken Fried Chicken or the Dumplings. Biscuits are dope too.
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@ the irony of the restaurant name and OP's ignorance....but to answer your question, the food is alright. I ate a baked tilapia meal there back in December..not bad.
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UbUiBeMe wrote:
Originally Posted by SoLeCiTy

Originally Posted by COOLnificent

Store > Restaurant
I think the store is called Crate and Barrel

I'm sorry, this has me dying

My granddad loved Cracker Barrel when we were on the road going South.  It's not half bad imo but, depending on where you are, there are better options for country/southern comfort food.
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