Quick price check: DMP V Raging Bull DS sz 9

Joined Dec 6, 2005
I know these were all over when they came out, but I've seen a couple completed listings on eBay were these went for $350 and up.

Love both shoes, but I'd sell them if I could actually get that for the pack.
Joined Aug 10, 2009
It's around retail.
Good luck selling for that price. I remember a while back lots of people were trying to sell under retail but to no success.
Joined Feb 5, 2010
man i have a DS DMP Raging Bull pack ive been trying to sell on ebay as well with no success. I had em at retail for the starting bid and no one even gave them a look.

was this pack a complete bust? or will the value and demand soar in a few years?
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