Quite possibly one of da greatest female physiques I've ever witnessed..ever

swag odie

Joined Sep 2, 2011
Pleasantly surprised she isn't one of those wildebeest you used to post in the spandex threads
Joined Aug 6, 2001
You think so? I don't really think so...I mean she's bad but a little too muscular for my tastes.
Joined Jan 2, 2005
ehhh, she's mos def fit, but greatest female physique? Son, have you seen some of the $%$$$@ in these *insert any race you can think of* appreciation threads we got?
Joined Oct 4, 2011
i swear till this day every time i be flipping threw channels past telemundo i never seen an ugly +%@ girl on telemundo except for those cheesy +%@ drama shows like the fake +%@ jerry springer stuff on telemundo but @ the same time
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