R.I.P Christopher Wallace a.k.a Notorious B.I.G

Joined Feb 2, 2008
Every now and then I ponder what the game would be like if he was still with us.......

Joined Dec 28, 2004

the way he made me feel the struggle, through his words....crazy.

RIP to one of our Legends

36 ounces

Joined Jun 17, 2008
[table][tr][td]"The Greatest Rapper of All Time died on March 9th" -Canibus[/td][td]
Joined Sep 23, 2004
This goes out to youuuuuu, This goes out to youuuuuu, this goes out to youuu, youuu, yoouuuu
Joined Feb 27, 2010
Originally Posted by 36 OUNCES

[table][tr][td]"The Greatest Rapper of All Time died on March 9th" -Canibus[/td][td]
God bless your soul, rest in peace kid. It's because of him now at least I know what BEEF is...
Joined Oct 21, 2007
"Stay far from timid/ Only make moves when ya heart's in it/ And live the phrase Sky's The Limit"

IMHO the most inspirational rap line of all time

RIP BIG... We'll always love BIG POPPA
Joined Apr 19, 2006
hope you creeps got receipts, my peeps get dirty like cleats
run up in your crib, wrap you up in your polo sheets
six up in your wig piece, %$*$@ decease
*muah* may you rest in peace
with my sycamore style, more sicker than yours
four four and fifty four draw
as my pilot, steers my leer, yes my dear
*#%!'s official, only the feds I fear
here's a tissue, stop your blood clot cryin
the kids the dog, everybody dyin, no lyin
so don't you get suspicious
i'm big dangerous you're just a likkle vicious
as i leave my competition, respirator style
climb the ladder to success escalator style
hold y'all breath, i told y'all
death controls yall, big don't fold yall
i spit phrases that'll thrill you
you're nobody til somebody kills you

i have friends who don't like rap, but i give them biggie tracks and lyrics to follow along. they can't even believe what they're hearing. he's the best to ever do it

make ends they hate you. be broke, girls won't date you
Joined Jun 2, 2009
strangely enough, i was listening to RTD on my way to work today out of the blue......................totally forgot about his passing date, WEIRD!

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