Racist Facebook rants gets 911 operator fired

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imo i think its this is how a lot of white people think. i cant bag no white chicks smh

i would smash though
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I'm not surprised. Radio, broken. Broken, radio. This has been said over and over and over, there are more closet racists than you can imagine. I assume, even as a mixed man, that I am docked by most before I say a word.

On the flip side, many blacks say the same #!@! :lol:
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The first twitter post was true, you'd be surprised how many chicks get beat up by their so called boyfriends and don't know his real name.

It's a stressful job that ain't for everybody.

With a attitude like hers she doesn't need to be dealing with the public.

Dallas 911 sound like they need an overhaul
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One thing that is great about soical media is the amount of people snitching on themselves. She made stupid comments and got dealt with. Case close move it to the left and life goes on.
I guess Dino is about that life.
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roc boy jada

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Well, she wasn't smart enough to know she was jeopardizing her job by posting such vulgarity on FB; which should be common knowledge.

Just about a week ago, a story came out that a delivery boy from Papa John's was fired for ranting about a black customer he delivered to, except he was caught by accidentally calling the customer back. :lol:

The CEO of pizza giant Papa John's has apologized to a Sanford, Florida, customer after a delivery man accidentally dialed the customer and left a racist rant on the man's voice mail.

The apology came after a customer posted on YouTube a video of the voice mail message, which featured the delivery man using racial slurs as he complained to another Papa John's employee about the size of tips he receives from African-Americans.

The customer, who is not identified and is not shown on camera, shows the receipt for $15.26 and said he gave the delivery man a $5 tip -- more than 20% -- on Sunday. Then the customer plays the roughly four-minute message.
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