[ RAISE IT UP: A Ketsana/Ondoy Fundraiser ]

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What's up NT Canada, I just wanted to post up a link to my fundraiser because I know it will appeal to a few of yall atleast..

It's a charity event/party that will be raising funds & awareness for typhoon Ondoy/Ketsana victims.. 100% of proceeds are going to charity..

It's only $5 Minimum donation and for those who choose to give more than that, I will be giving away prizes for certain dollar amounts donated.

Prizes include: DS Nike Kobe II, DS Nike Air Max 90, Livestock fitteds/tees, POLO BEAR tees by Ralph Lauren, AMC gift cards etc.

I'm just waiting to confirm with my boy, but I believe I will be adding a DS pair of JORDAN XIV "Last Shots" (to the prize list) within the next day or so..

Response/Support to the event has been incredible so far, I hope to see you there!

Check the Facebook event for full details: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=171332061907

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Definitely check it out with a couple friends, what does "Dress Fresh" imply though? If you could expand on that, you'd have an attendee.

Also, what size are the kicks?
Joined Jan 12, 2005

Thanks for the reply..

"Dress Fresh" is just my jargon for "No sweats/durags/bandanas/stuff that Ja Rule wore in his videos" etc.

Shoes are 9.5 Mens (Kobe II & AM 90) and the Jordan XIV "Last Shots" are TBD.. Probably around 9-10 as well..

Clothing (POLO BEARS, Jordan Brand, Nike etc) range from L-2XL (Mens)

Prizes will be given out on first come, first serve basis and are solely based on $ donated (the more you donate, the better the prize)

Feel free to check the Facebook event page (link posted in original post) or just reply here!

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