Random camera shots out of nowhere appreciation/unappreciation

Joined Nov 10, 2008
I swear I dont know if i was tweaking or what but in that Celtics Bulls game 7 the camera zoomed in on a random dude just sitting there hands behind his headso im like #%@ is goin on who is this
show the game then outta nowhere ablonde chick raises her head from dudes lap and im like
rewind that olgirl didnt wanna show her face either. Am I alone I know somebody else peeped this.

Then one of the commentators was talking about KG and zoomed in on his brim
get dude off my screen then bam the camera switched over to a dime in the front row
ithought i had supernatural mind control for a minute
Joined Apr 16, 2008
put this after youtube.com (remove spaces) /watch?v=_dGaMUaAeYU then tell me what you think.....


Joined Apr 23, 2008
thread can be saved if photos are provided of random cute chicks at sporting events

but yeah,,,,yeah............
Joined Jul 23, 2004
I hate it when they to a player walking down the court, and something is happening and they are not showing it.
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